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Nexus Letter Doctors was founded by Dr. Drew Brennes, DC after going through the claims process. Yes, he is a proud Marine Veteran himself! He found the importance of well-written Nexus Letters to be a vital part of the documents submitted during the VA Disability Claim Process. In many cases, Veterans with primary care doctors at the VA had a difficult time finding a doctor to write a Nexus Letter since VA doctors will not write them. Dr. Drew's research also found that many doctor's rates for Nexus Letters are not affordable for most Veterans. 

It is our MISSION to help fellow Veterans by providing Affordable and Professionally-Written Nexus Letters that will help Veterans win their VA Disability Claim.
Dr. Drew Brennes
Chiropractor & Founder of Nexus Letter Doctors

Dr. Drew Brennes, DC

Hi everyone!  My name is Dr. Drew Brennes, DC and I am a licensed Chiropractor working in the Dallas Fort Worth area. During the day, I am working in a small family practice with my father-in-law, 25 minutes North of Dallas.
During the evening, I am consulting and helping my fellow Veterans attain Nexus Letters for VA compensation claims.
Recently, I have taken my services online and offer Nexus Letters at a substantially lower cost than the others. Not only am I cheaper than the others, I ALSO SERVED MYSELF. 
I am excited to serve my greater veteran community and thank you for your follow!


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Helping Veterans Get Affordable and Professionally-Written Nexus Letters

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