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Do you have to pay for the Nexus Letter upfront?

No. When you submit your Nexus Letter order, we will review it and verify if Nexus is valid or not. If we determine that Nexus is not valid, we will not bill you. If Nexus is determined to be valid, we will invoice you for the Nexus Letter option you selected.

Can you diagnose me through a Nexus Letter?

Absolutely not. A Nexus Letter is essentially a second medical opinion. The VA requests a formal review/analysis of a Veteran’s compensation claim with sufficient medical evidence, literature & reasoning associated with it. There is no examination in a Nexus Letter.

Are Chiropractors qualified to write Nexus Letters?

YES! In fact, here is a link straight from the Veterans Administration website that cites THOUSANDS of SUCCESSFUL historical claims where a Nexus Letter was provided by a Doctor of Chiropractic in support of various disorders.

How long have you been writing Nexus Letters?

I have been writing Nexus Letters since I graduated from Chiropractic School in 2019. Before I was doing Nexus Letters online, I was doing them on behalf of my local Veteran patients in my local clinic. After figuring out overtime I could provide a quality and affordable service to my greater Veteran community, I have now taken my services online.

What services do you offer?

We offer online Nexus Consultation & Letters. EVERYTHING is handled virtually. (FOR LOCAL VETERANS IN Dallas-Fort Worth AREA) - We will perform DBQ on a conditional basis.

What is the turnaround for a Nexus Letter?

Every letter is built different because everyone has a unique situation. On average, because I am actively practicing in my local clinic, it takes me about one full day to complete one letter. We have received many Nexus Letter orders since launching our website. To check our current wait time, visit our Ordering Process page for details.

Why are you the cheapest doctor on the internet for Nexus Letters?

Not only did I serve myself, but I have also gone through the VA claims process. When I was in graduate school, I was broke and couldn’t afford a random doctor to sift through my medical records and write an expensive second medical opinion on my behalf. So, it dawned on me, I would change the market when I got my license and National Provider Identification Number and make this affordable for my fellow Veterans. (And we are just getting started)

Do you attempt to write a Nexus Letter for everyone that orders?

No. As a medical professional, it is my job to look through you medical records and give my expert opinion if Nexus is valid. Unfortunately sometimes it is not.

Do you guarantee my claim will be won if I purchase your Nexus Letter services?

No, There are many factors that claims examiners look at when reviewing your claim. Claims examiners are also humans and sometimes do not reward disability compensation even when evidence is clearly in the Veteran's favor.

Will you need to communicate with me during the review process?

We often have questions that we need to ask veterans that order from us. We want to provide you a Nexus Letter that is accurate and will help you with your claim. We prefer to communicate by email. Please keep an eye out for emails from us with any communication required so we can help you with your Nexus Letter! 


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