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We take great pride when we hear how our Nexus Letter Services helped our Veteran clients. 
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Christopher Wynne from Shoreline, Washington

June 13, 2024

I highly recommend Dr Brennes as one of the few that actually care about helping the veteran community. I was denied my claim for lower back pain by the VA. I had one verified injury while in service, and a lengthy history of lower back problems after discharge. The VA claimed it wasn't enough evidence. It was recommended I get a Nexus Letter. I researched many companies that only seemed interested in being highly compensated for their "help". Then I found Dr. Drew Brennes. A fellow veteran who, once you talk to him, sends a clear message that he wants to help. He reviewed my case and immediately pointed out some errors in the VA's decision. Dr. Drew wrote a Nexus Letter that not only connected my in service injury to my lower back pain, but connected my entire MOS to my lower back pain. {67Y Attack Helicopter Crewchief) I was amazed, as that was a train of thought I never would have achieved on my own. Even though, once I read it, it made perfect sense.
Needless to say, all the anxiety I was feeling disappeared, and the VA granted a 60% rating.
I cannot recomend Dr. Drew enough. He cares about you as a veteran.

Joey Jones from Macon, Georgia

June 5, 2024

Dr. Brennes is amazing. He was very thorough when reviewing my records and a very quick turnaround compared to other similar companies. He wrote a very detailed nexus letter with case studies included. His letter was crucial to my sleep apnea service connection. I am not 100% and cannot thank him enough. Do not waste your time on other nexus letter services he is the best and I know because I have used other companies before.

David Enlow from Conroe, Texas

May 29, 2024

Dr. Brennes,

I cannot thank you enough for the Nexus Letter you wrote for my Cervical Spine conditions. After previous denials for these conditions, the Nexus Letter you wrote completely changed the trajectory of my claim, my life, and my well-being.

Here are the results of the decision letter I just received from the VA:

Cervical Spine Degenerative Disc Disease - 30%
Right Upper Extremity Radiculopathy - 20%
Left Upper Extremity Radiculopathy - 20%

My current disability rating is now at 90%.

My fellow veterans, as an old school Marine, I rarely ever write reviews for any product or service. In this case, however, I am putting my story out there knowing it can help other veterans who feel they are at a dead end with their claim(s) just as I did with my cervical spine claim.

I cannot even tell you how close I was to just giving up on my cervical spine claim. I knew a Nexus Letter had the potential to turn things around in my favor, but after this claim being denied previously, I couldn’t find anyone willing to write one and the attempts were numerous, frustrating, and discouraging to say the least.

I do not know if it was just luck or divine intervention, but I came across the Nexus Letter Doctor while searching online and told myself, this is the last attempt I am going to make to request a records review for a Nexus Letter before I just completely write off this claim.

Dr. Brennes contacted me and before I could even prepare myself mentally for what I was expecting to be another rejection, he said four words that completely changed my life and my hope for humanity in general, “I Can Help You.”

Dr. Brennes did far more than help me, he wrote a Nexus Letter for my claim that resulted in the most comprehensive C&P exam I have ever had for any of my claims. I have gone through dozens of C&P exams before, which normally lasted less than 10 minutes with a completely disinterested examiner. This one was completely different. And less than 60 days later, I received a decision letter from the VA with the results listed above.

I will never be able to thank Dr. Brennes enough. If you are a veteran that is about to give up on your claim as I was, please ask Dr. Brennes to review your claim first. He can help you just as he has helped me and the numerous other veterans who have posted reviews here.

Kevin Breece from Whitestown, Indiana

May 15, 2024

Just want to say I went from 10% to 40% disability rating. It took just 4 months from start to finish. Couldn't believe it. It happened because of the excellent nexus letter. Thankyou!

Ben Schlabach from Bradenton, Florida

May 11, 2024

Nexus Letter Doctor is the real deal. Over the past few years I've been trying to get several conditions service connected due to my active duty service and two combat tours in Iraq. I used a consulting firm in the past and was denied service connection due to not complaining about my ailments earlier in life. I was also denied after a higher level review. I recently found Dr Brennes while researching Nexus Letters on the interweb and I reached out to him. Dr Brennes was very responsive to my inquires and was confident he could help me after reviewing my medical records. I was highly impressed with the amount of medical research studies Dr Brennes referenced in my nexus letter and how he correlated the studies with my real life experiences. I submitted my Nexus Letter to the VA as a supplemental claim and my VA decisions were reversed and I was granted service connection. Dr Brennes is the only reason I was able to bring my rating up from 70% to 90%. If your in the market for a Nexus Letter I cannot recommend Nexus Letter Doctor enough. Superb value for the money! Thank you Dr. Brennes.

Reinhard Sample from Houston, Texas

May 6, 2024

Dr. Brennes- After many denials from the VA with my claims, and over one year of frustration after frustration- I finally received a decision from the VA; Rated- 50% -OSA- and 10% for Rhinitis with Euchasian Tube Dysfunction. Current rating of 60%. Although, I have appealed the 10% because my medical documentation shows that I have polyps which I in turn should be rated at 30% as per ECF 38.

To all my fellow Brothers and Sisters of Military service look no further when looking for help with a Nexus letter and the VA Claims process. Dr. Brennes, a veteran himself, truly, cares and is a professional, through and through! He is transparent, upfront, timely with communications and revisions. He brings years of experience with medical research documentation (peered reviewed- Medical White papers) on the numerous medical conditions that some of us have as veterans.

The supporting documentation / Nexus letter (s) is the closing foundation when being examined by VA's contracted NP"s ( Nurse Practioners) that at times do not have access to uploaded medical records or supporting documentation or, in the field of question.
When the VA Raters received my Nexus letters and my supporting documentation, I know this was the turning point for the VA decision to go from -Denial to being rated at 60%!

I am currently waiting on 4 claims for a Decision that was previously denied- to now service connected because of the Nexus letter with my Spine, legs and Tinnitus.

It is a pleasure to work with Dr. Brennes. He listens, reviews input of concern and comes out with a Nexus letter that hands down- is the best at a very reasonable price per Nexus.

Highly recommend Dr. Brennes for your Nexus letter needs to get you the rating we deserve as Veterans. We are not looking for handouts- only what we are entitled to as per eCFR38.

Mike Midelton from San Diego, California

April 30, 2024

Dr. Brennes was honest in his assessment of my medical records and claims he could help me with. When I went to the DAV to submit my package, they were very impressed with his work!

I received the most I could hope for on my individual claims with no need to appeal the VA's decision. Nothing was denied at all. Dr. Brennes truly helped me out, and I will return when I have more claims to hopefully break through to the magical 100%!

Herbert B from Sacramento, California

April 29, 2024

First of all, I want to thank Dr. Drew for writing my nexus letter for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Secondary to Rhinitis. Dr. Drew wrote a very detailed thirteen page letter which got me a 50% rating. I highly recommend Dr. Drew to everyone seeking help with a nexus letter. His prices are reasonable and responds to your questions in a timely manner. Thank you Dr. Drew, Keep up the good work!

Randy Baugh from Bono, Arkansas

April 29, 2024

Just wanted to check back in and say thank you very much Dr Brennes for getting my 10% knee changed to bilateral and getting bumped to 40%. I had my doubts as I was skeptical but loved the way you worded my letter and it got me more than I imagined. Again, many thanks for your expertise in crafting the letter and speaking the VA mumbo jumbo that causes many not to receive what they truly deserve. You will be hearing from me again over my back. Semper Fi

Rodney Myles from Corpus Christi, Texas

April 24, 2024

Dr. Drew wrote me a Nexus Letter to support my VA claim for my lumbar and cervical spine that took me from a 10% disability rating to a 60% disability rating. I highly recommend Dr. Drew.

Erica C from Troy, Ohio

April 24, 2024

Five star rating I used Nexus letter doctor for my letter and the process was so quick and easy and I had my letter almost instantly. I had to do very little and the research involved in getting my letter was above and beyond what I expected. Once again, five star review for Nexus Letter doctor. The letter helped me get a rating that took me up to 100% permanent and total

Jeff W from Shelton, Washington

April 2, 2024

I was stuck for a long time with the VA. They took the time to explain the process of what I need. Dr Drew wrote an excellent letter for me with great detail. Needless to say helped me move forward to 80% so far. Can’t say enough to show my gratitude for Dr Drew and the professionalism I received… Thanks a ton…

Garry Herrera from Virginia Beach, Virginia

April 2, 2024

I had Dr. Brennes review my claim for Anxiety and wrote up a very strong NEXUS letter for my VA Claim for service connection after being retired for 3 years. My VA claim only took 4 months to go through before I was awarded 50% for mental health. That rating got me from 70% to 90% rated. I could not thank Dr. Brennes enough and I am going to have him write a couple more NEXUS letters for two other conditions in hopes to get me to 100%.

G J from Chicago, Illinois

March 18, 2024

Highly recommend NEXUS Letter Doctor. Dr.Brennes is first off very professional, knowledgeable and a veteran! His attention to detail makes the difference. I was denied 3 other times for my headaches and with his help I was awarded 30 percent. Taking me over the top and now 100 P&T. Thank you for all that you do!

Keith Parker from Houston, Texas

March 7, 2024

After fighting the VA for over 12 years I finally got the help I needed to get over the top. Dr. Drew is true to his word and help me at the last minute to get my claim in on time. I just wish I would have known about him sooner. If you're on the fence about using his service then this is your sign to get off and contact him today. 10 out of 10.

Sonji Calloway from Huntsville, Alabama

March 5, 2024

Dr. Brennes is definitely heaven sent! For years the VA has been denying me and I came across Dr. Brennes information in a Facebook group and figured I’ll reach out and see if he could assist me. Hands down the BEST decision I ever made. From beginning to end Dr. Brennes was courteous, professional and prompt. He set realistic expectations and delivered on time per our agreement. I wished I would had came across his information earlier in my fight with the VA; however, he was right on time because I felt defeated. Based on the medical evidence provided Dr. Brennes ensured me that this was an open and shut claim and he was absolute right. I was granted my claim after being denied several times thanks to Dr. Brennes. I highly recommend his services! You’re the best Dr. Brennes and thank you for your service to your fellow veterans.

Cailum Bobbitt from Cleveland, Ohio

February 24, 2024

Dr. Drew Brennes wrote me an outstanding nexus letter for my sleep apnea and for my migraines claim. I was awarded 50% for sleep apnea with no C&P exam…but unfortunately I was denied for my migraine claim, because they overlooked my nexus letter for migraine. I noticed that my nexus letter was not listed under the evidence section of my decision letter. So I reached out to Dr. Drew Brennes and he assured me that it was a definite possibility that they overlooked my nexus letter and now I would have to file a supplemental claim and resubmit the nexus letter. He responds in a timely matter and he is very pleasant, transparent, and professional!! I filed my supplemental claim and 4 months later they made a decision and awarded me 50% for migraines, which put me at 100% p&t!!! Thank you so much Dr. Brennes, I was also told by a VA rep that my nexus letter was one of the best he’s ever seen!! They’re very detailed and his prices are extremely reasonable!!

Nathan VanHoy from Radford, Virginia

February 6, 2024

I was struggling with the VA and the whole entire process of retrieving benefits and understanding how to get real help. I fought back-and-forth for six years until I could finally understand from the VA that I would benefit from a Nexxus letter. I was very skeptical and didn’t understand anything about A letter, or how much it could impact a claim. With Nexus letter doctor my claim was approved within five months of my file date. Not only was it approved, but I obtained all the benefits I needed. Thanks to Nexxus Doctor. I am in treatment and finally getting the care and help I deserve and need. Dr. Brennes if it weren’t for your help. I’m not sure where I would be right now. Thank you so much Doctor!!!

Mike Johnson from Bossier, Louisiana

January 27, 2024

Dr. Drew had great communication throughout the entire process. He even walked me off the ledge because I wanted to do another letter to refute what was denied in 2019. He said it wasn’t necessary and let’s just wait for the decision. Well we waited and everything he said happened. Right knee service connected secondary to my left knee. I have been denied this since 2016.

Jan Sedivy from Weatherford, Texas

January 22, 2024

Dr. Brennes, I just had to let you know, after presenting your Nexus Letter to the VA Law Judge in September, my claim was finally approved. Yours was the third Nexus letter I had submitted over six years of denials, but yours was by far the best. My VSO said it was the best he had ever seen. Thank you, Brother, for being there for your fellow Veterans.

Stuart Fitzgerald from Waldorf, Maryland

January 16, 2024

5 out of 5 Stars EASILY!!!
Fast, Professional, Reliable . . .
Man of his word!!

Stu Fitzgerald - USMC

J. Garcia from DFW, Texas

December 30, 2023

Hello all, first and foremost I’d like to thank God for allowing me to find Dr. Brennes, because thanks to his cheaper than other options Nexus Letter, I was able to win my supplemental claim for Lumbar Spine Degenerative Disc Disease with Spinal Stenosis & Right Leg Radiculopathy. The VA rater specifically stated that Dr. Brennes’s nexus letter was more persuasive than the VA contractor’s opinion that they hired for my C&P exam. I was rated 20% percent for my low back & 10% for right leg radiculopathy, bringing my total VA rating up. I highly recommend Dr. Brennes as his letter was very well put together and the sources/studies he used were exactly what won my Supplemental Claim. I invested $1,050.00 on the Nexus Letter and the ROI in VA back pay is more than what I spent. Thank you again Dr. Brennes for all your help and for answering any questions that came with the process and also after when I received my MRI results. God Bless you.

Casey S from Champaign, Illinois

December 21, 2023

This is the second time I have used Dr Drew for a nexus letter. In this instance, I requested linking obstructive sleep apnea to my service connected rhinitis. My OSA claim was approved without issue, and I believe Dr Drew’s nexus letter played an integral role in that decision.

Robert Edore from Warner Robins, Georgia

December 20, 2023

I was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea by a VA contracted physician in 2016. I spent 6 years fighting the VA for service connection. I had all but given up when I decided to reach out to Dr. Drew. He was very responsive to my questions and reviewed my supporting documentation within a few days. After reviewed my records, he prepared a very organized and substantiated Nexus Letter detailing service connection to my service connected allergic rhinitis as well as my cervical neck fusion. I submitted Dr. Drew's Nexus Letter and a statement in support of claim to the VA in June 2023 and just received a service connected 50% rating for OSA secondary to allergic rhinitis in December 2023. After going through a Higher Level Review and at least 7 C&P exams over the past two years, there is no doubt that the Nexus provided by Dr. Drew made the difference. I could not be more pleased with the the service that Dr. Drew provided and highly recommend retaining Dr. Drew to prepare your Nexus Letter for you. Thanks again Dr. Drew.

Stephen Tipton from Stafford, Virginia

October 17, 2023

Thank you again so much, Dr. Drew! I just received my updated rating from the VA yesterday and for my Sleep Apnea, as a service connection for sleep apnea as secondary to the service connected disability of hypertension, I was rated 50% for Sleep Apnea. This updated my overall rating to 80%! I know your outstanding Nexus letter really made the difference. Very much appreciated!! Also, some of my colleagues will be in touch with you as well.

Best regards!!

C M from Dallas, Texas

September 21, 2023

Dr. Drew wrote me a very detailed, methodical nexus letter and it really made a difference I believe in the ultimate outcome to a favorable grant. I do recommend Dr. Drew for your VA nexus letter and well worth the money and wait on getting one. Thank you again for all you do sir for us VETS!

Ben Bines from Brightwaters, New York

August 14, 2023

Dr. Drew wrote me a Nexus Letter to support my VA claim and it was a big part of having a successful outcome. I highly recommend Dr. Drew.

Jerry Coon from Rogers, Arkansas

August 10, 2023

I had previously submitted a VA Claim for Sleep Apnea linked to my service during Desert Storm, as a result of Chronic Sinusitis. While my claim for Sleep Apnea was swiftly denied by the VA, I was granted a claim for Chronic Sinusitis. This situation necessitated a supplemental claim, and in this endeavor, I approached Dr. Brennes to seek a Nexus letter that would establish the connection between Sleep Apnea and Chronic Sinusitis.
Dr. Brennes exhibited exceptional responsiveness, promptly arranging a timeline for the development of the Nexus letter, and he followed through precisely as promised. He initially provided me with a draft of the Nexus letter for my review, and upon my subsequent feedback, he expeditiously furnished the finalized version.
I am thoroughly impressed by Dr. Brennes' professionalism and expertise, both of which proved to be pivotal in persuading the VA to approve my claim, thereby elevating my rating to a satisfactory level.
In my experience, obtaining a Nexus letter has been paramount in securing a favorable rating, and it is with the utmost confidence that I endorse Dr. Brennes' services, which come at an affordable price. If you find yourself in need of a Nexus letter, I unequivocally recommend engaging the services of Dr. Brennes

Lance Love from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

August 10, 2023

Dr. Drew is the real deal. He understands the process and will let you know whether or not a qualified nexus letter can be written for CFR 38 standards. I was denied for my shoulder condition, when I read the decision letter, I saw his opinion was not taken into consideration. After doing a high level review, his nexus was the ONLY REASON my bilateral shoulder conditions were service connected. I also have a Bilateral Knee and Sleep Apnea claim still pending. I will be sure to upload screenshots of that as well. Don't hesitate!

Charles Harbert from Seminole, Oklahoma

August 7, 2023

If you are a vet in need of a nexus letter to make a service connection for your claim, stop holding back and have Dr. Brennes help you. I needed a letter to connect my sleep apnea and PTSD and I needed it quickly. There exists a possibility that the VA is going to change how it rates sleep apnea (and not for the better) and I wanted to make sure I had a claim on record to nullify any changes. Dr. Brennes came thru for me with flying colors. He generated a very comprehensive and professional letter that I included in my fully developed claim. From the time of submission to the generation of the VA’s decision letter, it was 37 days. That obviously won’t be the case for everyone but I have no doubt his nexus letter played a major role in a quick decision. The decision was for 50% for my sleep apnea which also bumped my overall rating to 80%. I could not be more pleased with Dr. Brennes’s efforts.
So get off of the fence and have him help you.
Charles H,

Sean Bruner from WINTER HAVEN, Florida

August 2, 2023

I reached out to Dr. Drew regarding my fight with the Va to get my nerve damage service-connected. Dr. Drew was patient and helpful during the process. His fees were very reasonable, and his letters were extraordinarily detailed and informative. I would highly recommend Dr. Drew for your claims. Thank you again. – Sean

W Camacho from Tucson, Arizona

May 22, 2023

If your like me an old vet with not to much trust in this internet thing. I can attest to Dr Brennes professionalism and willingness to help a veteran out. His candor was open and honest, I was kept informed of the progress on my Nexus letter with regular up dates and e-mails. I was never left out in the dark. Even when I wrote to him to make a change he had no problems adjusting to my changes. My claims for GERD and a Hiatal hernia were approved by the VA. Money is always tight and trust is rare now a days, but you can be rest assured that Dr. Drew Brennes will give you a genuine deal.

Augustus Coleman from San Antonio, Texas

May 4, 2023

I started my claims process in 2009,after getting out in 1992.I was denied several times for ankle, and lower back conditions.I had almost giving up on these conditions being service connected, until I stumbled upon the nexus doctor website.I saw all the positive ratings, and decided to use the service.My claim was received,c and p exam was done, and rated in a month's time. I'm now at 90%,with claims still pending. I've had other nexus letter writing by other people, and companies.Nothing compares to what Dr.Drew does.His attention to detail is very impressive, and I was able to understand what he wrote.His prices are more than fair!Thanks again Dr. DREW

Casey S from Champaign, Illinois

March 28, 2023

After initially being denied right knee degenerative arthritis secondary to my service connected left knee through the C&P exam process, I reached out to Dr Brennes to see if he thought there was a medical connection between the two. After reviewing my documentation, he wrote a thorough nexus letter detailing how they were related, and, upon a supplemental appeal, my right knee was approved and found to be service connected. The reason it was approved was specifically because of the nexus letter. I could not have done this without Dr Brennes, who was patient, professional, and very communicative throughout the process. If you’re in need of a nexus letter to get your claim to approved status, Dr Brennes is your best shot.

Jennifer L. from AUGUSTA, Maine

February 16, 2023

I contacted Dr. Drew to get my 100 rating changed to permanent and total. He wrote a very detailed and professional letter in support of P&T and thanks to him, I am now 100% P&T! I could not have done this without Dr Drew and his expertise. His rates are very affordable and it is definitely an investment you should make for yourself and your future!

John Stewart from Vancouver, Washington

October 17, 2022

I contacted Dr Drew to file a secondary claim to my PTSD and went from 70% to 90% total disability in less than a month! Dr Drew wrote a very professional Nexus letter that showed evidence of "more likely than not" that my Sleep Apnea was caused by or aggravated by my PTSD based on medical research. To get any response from the VA in less than a month is unheard of and I believe the Nexus letter sealed the deal for me. I would highly recommend using Dr Drew for your Nexus Letter, Veteran to Veteran. Don't file your claim without a Nexus letter even if you have other evidence.

Daneish Patterson from Port Saint Lucie, Florida

July 5, 2022

I was completely blown away by being upgraded to 100%. If you’re hesitant to use Dr. Drew Brennes because his price seems too good to be true, throw that thought out the window‼️ It is possible to obtain a completely through support document to help take your claim to the next level. I was awarded 50% for sleep apnea secondary to PTSD& I couldn’t have been happier! I came back for seconds and also requested nexus for my hip condition and shoulder condition& I expect a win for those without much fuss. Win with Dr. Brennes for sure ‼️‼️💯👏🏾

Steven Way from Gaylord, Michigan

June 17, 2022

After being denied for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (secondary to my service connected PTSD) I contacted Dr. Drew for a Nexus letter describing how my OSA was aggravated by my PTSD. He provided a nexus letter that included scientific statements and his professional opinion that my OSA was indeed aggravated by PTSD.
I submitted my claim along with his Nexus letter and was approved for secondary connection at 50%!

George Diaz from Bronxville, New York

April 10, 2022

For years, I tried to get the help I needed while I struggled with my disabilities. Dr. Drew assisted me in getting the help I needed to achieve 100%. And I am grateful for the direction he was able to provide me. I was sitting at 90% Disability and Dr. Drew Wrote a Nexus letter connecting my Headaches to tinnitus and i was award 50% for headaches now my total VA disability rating is now 100% P&T. An all-around great experience that I will highly recommended. I'd give him 10 stars if I could. He is amazing!!!

William Cripe from Muncie, Indiana

March 27, 2022

My fellow veterans, as you scroll down reading the reviews provided by other veterans, and still have doubts, I ask you consider my experience with Dr. Brennes.

I recently won a claim increase with my psoriasis from 10% to 60%. Around the same time, I was diagnosed with Severe Sleep Apnea. I went to seek guidance with my DAV representative on my chances of filing Sleep Apnea as a secondary to Psoriasis, he said my chances were little to none. The V.A. was denying almost all claims for sleep apnea. He than told me to find a Doctor who would write a nexus letter to support my claim and he would file it, although he thought it was a waste of my money.

So, my quest began. Finding a doctor to write a Nexus letter was never the problem, the difficulty began with the prices. I felt like either I had to take out a second mortgage or go see a loan shark. In the midst of committing Hara-kiri, I stumbled across DR. Drew Brennes. What impressed me, was how affordable he was, along with his credentials. Not only was he a fellow vet but, he is a group moderator to group called “VA DISABILITY, C&P EXAMS, NEXUS LETTERS ETC”. My one concern was, he is a Chiropractor, and myth that the VA would not except his findings. That concern was put to rest when I found out a large part of nexus letters were done by Chiropractors. So, I rolled dice and took a chance.

I contacted Dr. Brennes thru his website Nexus Letter Doctor and explained my situation. After communicating with Dr. Brennes and providing my documentation within four days he had a draft ready for my approval. I was astonished by medical literature that he provided me with to back my claim. His Nexus letter was so well written, I had no doubt I was going to win my claim.

After gathering my evidence with Dr. Brennes nexus letter. I filed my claim and four months later I was awarded 50% for Sleep Apnea. I have no doubt, I won, because of the nexus letter supplied by Dr. Brennes.

Your win begins with Dr. Drew Brennes.

Frank Licht from Smyrna, Tennessee

October 31, 2021

I was sitting at 80% and had my original back injury rated at 20% and R and L Radiculopathy at 10% each leg. I felt like the VA had underrated my claim, so I reached out to Dr. Drew. We had a great discussion, I shared my files and he wrote a letter regarding the pain levels I had been having and the breakdown of the bones in my spine.

I was initially hoping for an increase in my original back injury to be increased to 40%, but Dr. Drew's letter allowed me to get an additional C&P exam. My back injury stayed at 20%, but my R & L Lumbar Radiculopathy was increased to 20% on both sides and they awarded me 20% R & L for Femoral Radiculopathy.

This last claim increased my percentage to 100%. Best part, The VA decided without any additional requests, that my injury with everything considered put me into a 100% P&T status.

I could not have done this without Dr. Drew. You can't go wrong when the doc really cares about his clients.

Keep trucking Peeps....

ALICIA GARCIA from Keller, Texas

September 9, 2021

I definitely recommend Dr. Brennes for those of you struggling for an increase or that are on the brink of possibly being reduced by the VA. Which was my case, with his help I was able to maintain my 100% and now have a solid baseline to move forward with attempting to get P&T. I found him through a few reviews on Facebook and did a little research to make sure he was legit. He was very helpful, knowledgeable, and reasonable!

Also. being a Marine is a plus, Semper Fi!

Thank you so much for your help!!

Christopher Quick from San Diego, California

July 24, 2021

After 4 denials he was the only to get me approved for tinnitus. He got it done quick too.

Alex Dee from Enterprise, Alabama

July 9, 2021

Dr. Brennes is very professional, he assisted me with getting compensation for a disability in which I was found not to be service-connected in 2019, however with Dr. Brennes, I was able to finally receive compensation for my disability. Dr. Brennes put in the time and research and was very easy to communicate with, he was very professional. I would recommend him to any veteran.

Matt Duncan from Nashville, Tennessee

June 14, 2021

I filed for a secondary claim a couple years ago on a neck issue and was denied. I decided to appeal with a nexus letter and found Dr. Drew. He wrote me a great nexus letter and my claim was finally approved. He did a great amount of research and communicating with him remotely was easy. His nexus letter service is the least expensive I have found and will pay for itself in no time. Thanks Dr. Drew!

Anthony Pinke from Spanaway, Washington

April 21, 2021

Great and professional service! The letters are well written and provide great evidence to establish a nexus to a condition that you may have. Would recommend to any veteran!

Evan Stevens from Norwalk, Ohio

February 27, 2021

I just wanted to give everyone an update to my sleep apnea, secondary to PTSD. At first it was found not to be service connected. Got a nexus letter from Dr. William Andrew Brennes. Filed as a secondary claim by myself and included a little statement and his nexus letter. Got approved today at 50% for it. His price is by far the cheapest I’ve seen and it was worth every penny! (submitted on Facebook)

Al Savage from Parris Island, South Carolina

February 25, 2021

Dr. Drew Brennes you are the best, your nexus letter is right on point with all the medical information needed. Listen up veterans I use Dr. Drew Brennes for my nexus letter and he is also a veteran that knows how to write a nexus letter to help you with your claim or claims if you are in need of a nexus letter who knows best a former veteran. I was amazed by what was written. Contact him. (submitted on Facebook)

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