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Ben Schlabach from Bradenton, Florida

May 11, 2024

Nexus Letter Doctor is the real deal. Over the past few years I've been trying to get several conditions service connected due to my active duty service and two combat tours in Iraq. I used a consulting firm in the past and was denied service connection due to not complaining about my ailments earlier in life. I was also denied after a higher level review. I recently found Dr Brennes while researching Nexus Letters on the interweb and I reached out to him. Dr Brennes was very responsive to my inquires and was confident he could help me after reviewing my medical records. I was highly impressed with the amount of medical research studies Dr Brennes referenced in my nexus letter and how he correlated the studies with my real life experiences. I submitted my Nexus Letter to the VA as a supplemental claim and my VA decisions were reversed and I was granted service connection. Dr Brennes is the only reason I was able to bring my rating up from 70% to 90%. If your in the market for a Nexus Letter I cannot recommend Nexus Letter Doctor enough. Superb value for the money! Thank you Dr. Brennes.


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