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Cailum Bobbitt from Cleveland, Ohio

February 24, 2024

Dr. Drew Brennes wrote me an outstanding nexus letter for my sleep apnea and for my migraines claim. I was awarded 50% for sleep apnea with no C&P exam…but unfortunately I was denied for my migraine claim, because they overlooked my nexus letter for migraine. I noticed that my nexus letter was not listed under the evidence section of my decision letter. So I reached out to Dr. Drew Brennes and he assured me that it was a definite possibility that they overlooked my nexus letter and now I would have to file a supplemental claim and resubmit the nexus letter. He responds in a timely matter and he is very pleasant, transparent, and professional!! I filed my supplemental claim and 4 months later they made a decision and awarded me 50% for migraines, which put me at 100% p&t!!! Thank you so much Dr. Brennes, I was also told by a VA rep that my nexus letter was one of the best he’s ever seen!! They’re very detailed and his prices are extremely reasonable!!


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