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Charles Harbert from Seminole, Oklahoma

August 7, 2023

If you are a vet in need of a nexus letter to make a service connection for your claim, stop holding back and have Dr. Brennes help you. I needed a letter to connect my sleep apnea and PTSD and I needed it quickly. There exists a possibility that the VA is going to change how it rates sleep apnea (and not for the better) and I wanted to make sure I had a claim on record to nullify any changes. Dr. Brennes came thru for me with flying colors. He generated a very comprehensive and professional letter that I included in my fully developed claim. From the time of submission to the generation of the VA’s decision letter, it was 37 days. That obviously won’t be the case for everyone but I have no doubt his nexus letter played a major role in a quick decision. The decision was for 50% for my sleep apnea which also bumped my overall rating to 80%. I could not be more pleased with Dr. Brennes’s efforts.
So get off of the fence and have him help you.
Charles H,


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