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Christopher Wynne from Shoreline, Washington

June 13, 2024

I highly recommend Dr Brennes as one of the few that actually care about helping the veteran community. I was denied my claim for lower back pain by the VA. I had one verified injury while in service, and a lengthy history of lower back problems after discharge. The VA claimed it wasn't enough evidence. It was recommended I get a Nexus Letter. I researched many companies that only seemed interested in being highly compensated for their "help". Then I found Dr. Drew Brennes. A fellow veteran who, once you talk to him, sends a clear message that he wants to help. He reviewed my case and immediately pointed out some errors in the VA's decision. Dr. Drew wrote a Nexus Letter that not only connected my in service injury to my lower back pain, but connected my entire MOS to my lower back pain. {67Y Attack Helicopter Crewchief) I was amazed, as that was a train of thought I never would have achieved on my own. Even though, once I read it, it made perfect sense.
Needless to say, all the anxiety I was feeling disappeared, and the VA granted a 60% rating.
I cannot recomend Dr. Drew enough. He cares about you as a veteran.


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