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David Enlow from Conroe, Texas

May 29, 2024

Dr. Brennes,

I cannot thank you enough for the Nexus Letter you wrote for my Cervical Spine conditions. After previous denials for these conditions, the Nexus Letter you wrote completely changed the trajectory of my claim, my life, and my well-being.

Here are the results of the decision letter I just received from the VA:

Cervical Spine Degenerative Disc Disease - 30%
Right Upper Extremity Radiculopathy - 20%
Left Upper Extremity Radiculopathy - 20%

My current disability rating is now at 90%.

My fellow veterans, as an old school Marine, I rarely ever write reviews for any product or service. In this case, however, I am putting my story out there knowing it can help other veterans who feel they are at a dead end with their claim(s) just as I did with my cervical spine claim.

I cannot even tell you how close I was to just giving up on my cervical spine claim. I knew a Nexus Letter had the potential to turn things around in my favor, but after this claim being denied previously, I couldn’t find anyone willing to write one and the attempts were numerous, frustrating, and discouraging to say the least.

I do not know if it was just luck or divine intervention, but I came across the Nexus Letter Doctor while searching online and told myself, this is the last attempt I am going to make to request a records review for a Nexus Letter before I just completely write off this claim.

Dr. Brennes contacted me and before I could even prepare myself mentally for what I was expecting to be another rejection, he said four words that completely changed my life and my hope for humanity in general, “I Can Help You.”

Dr. Brennes did far more than help me, he wrote a Nexus Letter for my claim that resulted in the most comprehensive C&P exam I have ever had for any of my claims. I have gone through dozens of C&P exams before, which normally lasted less than 10 minutes with a completely disinterested examiner. This one was completely different. And less than 60 days later, I received a decision letter from the VA with the results listed above.

I will never be able to thank Dr. Brennes enough. If you are a veteran that is about to give up on your claim as I was, please ask Dr. Brennes to review your claim first. He can help you just as he has helped me and the numerous other veterans who have posted reviews here.


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