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Frank Licht from Smyrna, Tennessee

October 31, 2021

I was sitting at 80% and had my original back injury rated at 20% and R and L Radiculopathy at 10% each leg. I felt like the VA had underrated my claim, so I reached out to Dr. Drew. We had a great discussion, I shared my files and he wrote a letter regarding the pain levels I had been having and the breakdown of the bones in my spine.

I was initially hoping for an increase in my original back injury to be increased to 40%, but Dr. Drew's letter allowed me to get an additional C&P exam. My back injury stayed at 20%, but my R & L Lumbar Radiculopathy was increased to 20% on both sides and they awarded me 20% R & L for Femoral Radiculopathy.

This last claim increased my percentage to 100%. Best part, The VA decided without any additional requests, that my injury with everything considered put me into a 100% P&T status.

I could not have done this without Dr. Drew. You can't go wrong when the doc really cares about his clients.

Keep trucking Peeps....


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