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J. Garcia from DFW, Texas

December 30, 2023

Hello all, first and foremost I’d like to thank God for allowing me to find Dr. Brennes, because thanks to his cheaper than other options Nexus Letter, I was able to win my supplemental claim for Lumbar Spine Degenerative Disc Disease with Spinal Stenosis & Right Leg Radiculopathy. The VA rater specifically stated that Dr. Brennes’s nexus letter was more persuasive than the VA contractor’s opinion that they hired for my C&P exam. I was rated 20% percent for my low back & 10% for right leg radiculopathy, bringing my total VA rating up. I highly recommend Dr. Brennes as his letter was very well put together and the sources/studies he used were exactly what won my Supplemental Claim. I invested $1,050.00 on the Nexus Letter and the ROI in VA back pay is more than what I spent. Thank you again Dr. Brennes for all your help and for answering any questions that came with the process and also after when I received my MRI results. God Bless you.


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