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Jerry Coon from Rogers, Arkansas

August 10, 2023

I had previously submitted a VA Claim for Sleep Apnea linked to my service during Desert Storm, as a result of Chronic Sinusitis. While my claim for Sleep Apnea was swiftly denied by the VA, I was granted a claim for Chronic Sinusitis. This situation necessitated a supplemental claim, and in this endeavor, I approached Dr. Brennes to seek a Nexus letter that would establish the connection between Sleep Apnea and Chronic Sinusitis.
Dr. Brennes exhibited exceptional responsiveness, promptly arranging a timeline for the development of the Nexus letter, and he followed through precisely as promised. He initially provided me with a draft of the Nexus letter for my review, and upon my subsequent feedback, he expeditiously furnished the finalized version.
I am thoroughly impressed by Dr. Brennes' professionalism and expertise, both of which proved to be pivotal in persuading the VA to approve my claim, thereby elevating my rating to a satisfactory level.
In my experience, obtaining a Nexus letter has been paramount in securing a favorable rating, and it is with the utmost confidence that I endorse Dr. Brennes' services, which come at an affordable price. If you find yourself in need of a Nexus letter, I unequivocally recommend engaging the services of Dr. Brennes


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