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Reinhard Sample from Houston, Texas

May 6, 2024

Dr. Brennes- After many denials from the VA with my claims, and over one year of frustration after frustration- I finally received a decision from the VA; Rated- 50% -OSA- and 10% for Rhinitis with Euchasian Tube Dysfunction. Current rating of 60%. Although, I have appealed the 10% because my medical documentation shows that I have polyps which I in turn should be rated at 30% as per ECF 38.

To all my fellow Brothers and Sisters of Military service look no further when looking for help with a Nexus letter and the VA Claims process. Dr. Brennes, a veteran himself, truly, cares and is a professional, through and through! He is transparent, upfront, timely with communications and revisions. He brings years of experience with medical research documentation (peered reviewed- Medical White papers) on the numerous medical conditions that some of us have as veterans.

The supporting documentation / Nexus letter (s) is the closing foundation when being examined by VA's contracted NP"s ( Nurse Practioners) that at times do not have access to uploaded medical records or supporting documentation or, in the field of question.
When the VA Raters received my Nexus letters and my supporting documentation, I know this was the turning point for the VA decision to go from -Denial to being rated at 60%!

I am currently waiting on 4 claims for a Decision that was previously denied- to now service connected because of the Nexus letter with my Spine, legs and Tinnitus.

It is a pleasure to work with Dr. Brennes. He listens, reviews input of concern and comes out with a Nexus letter that hands down- is the best at a very reasonable price per Nexus.

Highly recommend Dr. Brennes for your Nexus letter needs to get you the rating we deserve as Veterans. We are not looking for handouts- only what we are entitled to as per eCFR38.


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