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William Cripe from Muncie, Indiana

March 27, 2022

My fellow veterans, as you scroll down reading the reviews provided by other veterans, and still have doubts, I ask you consider my experience with Dr. Brennes.

I recently won a claim increase with my psoriasis from 10% to 60%. Around the same time, I was diagnosed with Severe Sleep Apnea. I went to seek guidance with my DAV representative on my chances of filing Sleep Apnea as a secondary to Psoriasis, he said my chances were little to none. The V.A. was denying almost all claims for sleep apnea. He than told me to find a Doctor who would write a nexus letter to support my claim and he would file it, although he thought it was a waste of my money.

So, my quest began. Finding a doctor to write a Nexus letter was never the problem, the difficulty began with the prices. I felt like either I had to take out a second mortgage or go see a loan shark. In the midst of committing Hara-kiri, I stumbled across DR. Drew Brennes. What impressed me, was how affordable he was, along with his credentials. Not only was he a fellow vet but, he is a group moderator to group called “VA DISABILITY, C&P EXAMS, NEXUS LETTERS ETC”. My one concern was, he is a Chiropractor, and myth that the VA would not except his findings. That concern was put to rest when I found out a large part of nexus letters were done by Chiropractors. So, I rolled dice and took a chance.

I contacted Dr. Brennes thru his website Nexus Letter Doctor and explained my situation. After communicating with Dr. Brennes and providing my documentation within four days he had a draft ready for my approval. I was astonished by medical literature that he provided me with to back my claim. His Nexus letter was so well written, I had no doubt I was going to win my claim.

After gathering my evidence with Dr. Brennes nexus letter. I filed my claim and four months later I was awarded 50% for Sleep Apnea. I have no doubt, I won, because of the nexus letter supplied by Dr. Brennes.

Your win begins with Dr. Drew Brennes.


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